H and S Policy

Health and Safety

In ECD centers we aim to nurture children and guide their development in a safe and secure environment. Therefore, the holistic health of the internal workings of an ECD center is a necessity.

This comprehensive collection of health and safety policies will ensure that functions function, the buildings, and playground are clean and safe and, crucially, the children will be as safe as possible because your staff will know how to react in any given situation.

Health and Safety Policy

It all starts with a detailed Health and Safety Policy. This template includes medication administration. Amongst others the Emergency Preparedness, Head Lice, and Outings policies complement and support the implementation of holistic health, safety and wellness processes.

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Child Safety and Protection

In ECD we are obliged to keep our children safe from harm. A Children’s Rights Policy goes a long way towards achieving that goal. The Anti-Abuse and Child Protection Policy guides the way to managing suspicions of child abuse safely, correctly, and effectively.

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The CV-19 Policy is aligned with the SOPs and guides you through implementing them. There is a huge amount of information for both ECD centers and day-care centers for children with disabilities (CWD). These pages are free to everybody.

For ECD centers
For CWD Day-Care

Child Behaviour Guidance

To provide a safe environment for children a Child Behaviour Guidance Policy is necessary. The Biting Policy gives prevention tips. These templates provide an escalation process for practitioners to use when they are struggling with the way a child behaves.

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Emergency Preparedness

An Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Policy is required for compliance. This template will capacitate your staff to react and respond correctly in a variety of critical situations. It comes with all the necessary forms.

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The Food and Beverage Policy template specifies just about everything to do with food handling and feeding the children nutritious well-balanced meals at an ECD center.

You’ll also need the menu planner to develop tasty, nutritious and well-balanced meals for the children.


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The Vangasali Guidelines require a Transport Policy. If you don’t provide transport yourself, you need a policy showing the precautions you take to protect the children.

If you own a vehicle that transports children, then the Vehicle Inspection Checklist is a neccessity.

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Risk Assessments

The Department of Labour requires us to have OHS Risk Assessments. This is a developingm topic and here is the list so far:

  • Emergency Risk Assessment
  • Curriculum: Creative Activities Risk Assessment
  • Curriculum: Indoor Risk Assessment
  • Curriculum: Outdoor Risk Assessment
  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment (soon to change to an Infection Control Risk Assessment

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DSD: Child Protection

DSD: The Children’s Act and Child Rights

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