Compliance in business, in a company, or a Non-Profit Organisation means following the rules; for example, laws, Acts, official policies, health and safety standards, data, and security requirements. It is very important because it helps your ECD center to function, survive and grow.

When you comply with the rules, you know that your ECD Centre runs legally and safely. This in turn helps your community to know that your ECD Centre gives quality care and early learning to their children. And this is the way you build a good reputation and contribute to the future of your community.

On this page, we are guiding you to take the necessary steps to comply with Government policies, relevant laws, and regulations.

Non-Profit Organisation (“NPO”)

In accordance with the Non-Profit Organisations Act of 1997, you need to register your NPO with the Department of Social Development. It can be done online or manually. If you decide to do it manually then drop the forms and supporting documents off at your nearest Social Development offices.

Members can click here for the editable templates

Registrations with Other Departments

SARS: Employer Tax Registration online link, or manually submit form IT77C.

PAYE: Employee Tax Registration online link, or manually submit form EMP101.

VAT (if your turnover will be R1 000 000 or more per annum: VAT registration online link, or manually submit form VAT101.

UIF and SDL: Employee Tax Registration online link, or manually submit form UI8.

Department of Labour: Register for COIDA (Compensation) online, or manually submit form WaS2.



Click here for an SME Toolkit that gives instructions, forms to download, and links (from Business Partners)

Registering a Private Company or a Non-Profit Company (“NPC”)

Private and public companies and Non-Profit Companies are registered with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (“CIPC”).


Municipal and DBE Registrations

There are several certificates, permits, or letters that you need to apply for:

Tools for School provides templates for Form 11, Form 16, and the Application for Grade R

Members can click here to get their editable application file templates

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